#7300069, By HankScorpio Instead of playing [console game x] I can't stop playing [mobile game y]

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    First time I've started a forum post in a while, but here goes ...

    Reading @dr_swin's particularly excellent review of "Tiny Wings' for the iPhone, my brain lingered on this line in particular:

    There have been times over the last few weeks where I have had blocks of time with which to play on AAA console or PC releases and have instead started playing this.

    I'm in a similar situation : I'm completely addicted to Dungeon Raid on the iPhone. I've got Demon's Souls, Little Big Planet 2 and Fallout New Vegas sitting here begging to be played, but any gaming time I've got is spent on this crack-like app.

    It's a simple "match three or more" kinda game, but laid over a D20 RPG framework. So matching helps you level up your stats, with each new game starting you off from the bottom rung again. And the more you play, the more character classes open up, with new perks/weaknesses opening up. And I just can't stop playing it.

    So is anyone else spending their time playing a 1-2 mobile game instead of a 30+ AAA one?
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