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    Sold RoF, that tower grid system was just dull and lazy. The battles were okay, but once the glamour wore off, those fancy acrobatics became extremely repetitive and would drag out some fights needlessly. That said it is a fun game, but it's hardly the shining example people are making it out to be.

    LO is almost touching perfection, but the story becomes so drawn out, and the battles, so tediously long that I couldn't finish the game, but perhaps I will go back to it once I've cleared some other games as I do find its many qualities endearing.

    ToV is a great game, still playing it on and off actually, doing the sub quests and what-not, a nice distraction from the drawn out story that's for sure, but the game is indeed huge and will fill the JRPG void for those who haven't yet played it.

    Blue Dragon. Ugh.
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