#7326983, By KingOfTheC Ubisoft - Deliberately Misleading 3DS Customers?

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    I have to say, I agree with the OP as well in honesty.

    I wasn't really thinking of buying a 3DS, and then made a kind of last-minute decision when I was in Tesco the day after it came out.

    I knew I had enjoyed Rayman on the DS (and I knew then that it had been a remake of Rayman 2) and knew there was a Rayman 3D - I had basically expected that it was a new game (though I knew that Splinter Cell wasn't).

    As far as I was aware, there had been very little news (such as reviews or previews for Rayman 3D - I might be wrong, as I'm sure some clever soul will link me to after I post this) as I think there was a Ubi-imposed review embargo? So as a result, I didn't know whether it was new or a remake, and looking at the box, well, the screenshots show a game with Rayman in it in certain environments - I can't remember what Rayman DS looked like from however many years ago I played it!

    I could have very easily bought it, and I feel that I am a relatively informed gamer, and then been bitterly disappointed when I realised I had played it before.

    I'm not sure that they have deliberately mislead customers, but I do think the names could reflect the name of the game they actually are in some way - after all, Super Street Fighter IV 3D was labelled as such (though Ridge Racer 3D was not, to play devil's advocate with myself).

    I think the packaging should be sufficient for a customer to make an informed decision, assuming they had no prior knowledge of the product.
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