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    ronuds wrote:
    Yeah, it is nice knowing the reviewers name.

    Take someone like Ellie from EG. I know a lot of people like her, but she's really a terrible reviewer, imo. She doesn't rate the game itself, she rates her opinion of it. So it could be the greatest game ever made, but if she's not into it, she'll kill the score.

    Reviews should be written as opinions, the problem comes when someone who is clearly tired of a genre or series reviews a game and ends up hating it as a result, despite the game being of high quality. I always believe reviews should be written from the prospective of someone who actually enjoys the series.

    For instance, I know I hate Dynasty Warriors games, someone giving one 9/10 isn't going to make me run out and buy the game unless the review also states there's massive changes. But for someone who has never played a Dynasty Warriors game a negative review may unjustly scare them away from a series they may enjoy, which is why I'd rather see positive reviews on them rather than a negative review written by someone like me.

    In the end it's down to the editors to assign the correct person to a review, rather than running towards the person they think can humorously tear apart a game because they're a bit tired of the genre. And of course knowing a reviewer's name also helps if they are pulling from a limited pool, because you get to know they enjoy and how they match up to your tastes.
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