#7673331, By MrVengeance Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (Cyberconnect2)

  • MrVengeance 14 Jul 2011 22:52:57 135 posts
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    Hi red.

    I just have a habit of getting new stuff from my local shops and then once every couple of months I'll get some money together and purchase a selection of games from eBay all at once. I've never really got into the habit of buying my games regularly from the likes of Play and Amazon. And I suppose I still do enjoy going into my local GAME or HMV and have a poke around and purchasing my new games from there when they come out or go into sale if its a less essential game.

    I'll always enjoy the atmosphere and the bargain hunting in a shop. Its just not the same browsing online for me for new stuff. This will change though shortly, as the games I want are hard to find now in the wild, or are, like Solatorobo, prohibitively expensive.
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