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    GAME have a lot of it in stock too - the cases in my local aren't dummy boxes, but the real deal. Its seeming exclusivity means they are charging a lot for it - I know its just 40 but I feel the principal of paying about 10 (or 25%) more than they are selling it for in the UK is stopping me buying it. I suppose they feel they can get away with that high price as it is exclusive to them, in Ireland at least.

    We call it "Paddy tax" over here - UK retailers add s to what the regular converted rate usually should be. They make their excuses about the increased costs of doing business over here (exaggerated most of the time) but a lot of the time they get away with it. Ireland is oft referred to as "Treasure Island" by major multinational retailers as their profit margins are higher here than elsewhere. Case in point - Tesco. They won't even reveal their profits over here, lumping them in with their UK figure. We all know its high though.

    They get away with it as there is a lack of competition over here from indigenous retailers, as well as ignorance on the part of a sizable proportion of the Irish consumer-base sadly. Things have changed in recent times, but that is only as a result of reduced disposable income in certain sectors of society.

    Eventually when the penny drops for everyone else, the likes of GAME will be out of business here - they will have lost so much market-share to online stores as a result of customer migration it won't be worthwhile for them keeping shops open here. Their prices, as noted, are far too high and their selection of new games are often very poor. For whatever reason, Crysis 2 was out of stock for ages in Ireland at GAME recently for example. Probably as a result of them hoping that they would get a load in second hand.

    What GAME are doing is placing a huge emphasis on pre-owned in their Irish shops - all these dingy beat-up second hand game boxes lining the shelves, with few new games, actually makes the shops look very tatty it has to be said. A lot of people don't want second hand, and as such, GAME is likely loosing market share to thel ikes of HMV and GameStop. GameStop has a better selection of new games, and has a good deal of second hand, but it is better balanced. However, their pricing is ridiculous - they never reduce the prices of their games. For example, Etrian Odyssey is in stock for the DS - which is great. However, the price if 45 new. Thats a bit high for an old game, but it is quite collectable... or you would think. The box has been sat on the shelf since it came out all those years ago, and is in.... well filthy condition, and the plastic case is yellowing. So yeah, GameStop is a joke too.

    HMV is the best games retailer here at the minute with good prices and a good selection of games - new and second hand. Still though, I need to get with the times and buy online if I want range, price and sealed games that aren't beaten up and covered in sticker glue!

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