#7358125, By RizzoCrackers The worst achievements ever?

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    Freeflow Perfection - Batman Arkham Asylum

    Perform all of batmans move in one, single, freeflow combat. This requires essentially, continuous combo's on about 7-8 thugs, using the batarang, grapple hook, all his fight moves, all his take downs and all his counters. Without being hit once (knocks you out of freeflow) and not slowing down and coming out of the combo.

    This i thought, was practically impossible, until i got it. The annoying thing about it was simply trying to remember what to do next, open with the batarang or the hook? do i counter this guy and hit the other? should i perform a finisher on this OH GOD DAMMIT I CAME OUT OF FREEFLOW...

    Was the last one i did in that game to get 100% and it was all just a fluke.
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