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    neems wrote:

    I believe as a warrior using a two handed weapon you only get 3 skills (plus the core ones obviously). On the plus side, there is an augmentation that reduces damage taken.
    Yeah, that's true, but their core skill upgrades make their basic attacks really good- massive range etc. As you say, worth it for taking the augmentation and switching back to another class.

    as you can only equip 3 skills, it doesn't take much to really max out warrior, but some of the later augment are really good.

    It's a lot of fun though, sending entire groups of small enemies flying- once you've powered up the core skills even your basic combos become almost radial attacks, with you being able to switch direction for each sweep. I'll stick with the warrior until I get bored then try out magic knight for the extra healing/firepower, I think.

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