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    Got a quick noob question. I'm a total novice as far as 'RPG's' go and l'm struggling to figure out if I'm ready for certain quests. One in particular - explore the area beneath the pawn guild at the capital city. Is the fact that I'm there, having pretty much followed the most obvious quests thus far (lvl 13ish), enough for me to say yes?
    I'd say you're a little low for that, try and get all your other side quests done first and save that one until last.
    Nice one, will do. I've actually ventured down there a couple of times - died once after collecting some nice loot so went back down to get it again - but the second time I went down I saw some sort of big hulking great bear of a troll type creature so ran away like a little girl....

    OK, so I'll go and do some other quests for a while and see about lvl'ing up a bit. Apologies for the 'starter for 1' questions, I feel like a tool. Obviously, there are NPC's that issue quests and there's the notice boards. Are the notice board quests the side quests and the NPC ones the main story? (I have a couple of NPC ones on the books - Collect fragments of a waking stone(?) for the smithy's dead son and one to go and find a magic book for a Robbie Savage lookalike.- but still don't really get the flow of the game.)

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