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    Hmm, weird. I think I may have a corrupted save:

    I can play although the collision detection seems a bit off - NPC's walking in mid air, I climb on invisible sections of wall when trying to climb over it - No biggy, but there are a couple of other issues. The big one is as follows - I just collected the final Wakeshard to give to the Blacksmith for his Son. I had the other 2 bits in storage so went to collect them to complete the task. Only trouble is, when I transferred them into my inventory, from storage, they disappeared. Bastard! I'm sure I can find other pieces but I suspect something is amiss with the game file.

    The reason I'm concerned is that for some reason the Mayor from the starting village is just following me around all the time. He has a health bar over his head, like another character did on an escort quest, early in the game. I can't see any quest related to him (I went to the village and talked to him a while back then left the village and when I got back to Gran Soren he was there, although he hadn't made the journey with me) and when I talk to him, the stuff he says is as if he thinks we're still in the village - "So you've returned from gran Soren then?" or words to that effect.

    Am I being a numpty? Is the Wakestone thing and the Mayors behavior a coincidence? Is this normal? Or, am I fk'd?
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