#9257272, By Dragon's Dogma

  • Deleted user 29 December 2012 11:59:38
    I installed this last night about nine for a quick look, next thing I knew it was half three in the morning. I'll be honest the first few hours were a bit of a struggle, but I had one great fight with a cyclops that went on into the night which was brilliant. Then I made it to the city and finally worked out the mechanics of the game. It really has its hooks in me now. I'll be honest I haven't died too often, even starting to take out packs I bandits now (I'm at level 14 I think). To me it comes across as an easier demon/dark souls. I certainly don't have the same feeling of apprehension playing this.

    Quick question, the pawns that appear in the rift, are they from your friends list?
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