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    Have to say, love this game - for the most part. I'm only getting maybe a couple of hours after work to play it, and it's doing its best to beat me away.

    I took an escort quest from a board in the main city, and it didn't look too far away. However, every path seems to lead to death - the road takes me very close to a Chimera and some bandits, which I haven't managed to separate so far. (So close to killing the Chimera, but his attacks during his final health bar 1-hit my pawns and the guy I'm escorting). The other potential route leads to a much tougher group of bandits at a campfire. I've already had to circle around and avoid an enormous group of cloaked lizardmen?

    All of this meant my 2-hour session got me precisely nowhere, and other than almost killing the Chimera, I don't feel any more knowledgeable about what I could do. Got pretty much the best gear my 30,000G could buy us, all enhanced to the best of my capabilities... Should I get a different Pawn? Currently a fighter, with an archer as my main pawn and a mage as the other (Really hate forgetting the class names, but it's late) - thinking a fighter over a mage, but then I lose the healing and flame-enchantment he provides.

    Take it there's no way to cancel or delay the escort quest? I reloaded to the checkpoint at the inn where I began it, and the quest has already been accepted in that save.
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