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    FabricatedLunatic wrote:
    I need to stop fiddling with my inventory so much. Every time I return to Soren after adventuring I dump everything and semi-randomly combine curatives and other items. Then I sort through the gear I picked up and try to work out what's better than the enhanced stuff I already have equipped. And then there's the new gear in the shop which I can't compare like-for-like because of said enhancements. Ughhh...
    Just wear the stuff that looks good. There isn't a whole lot of difference between the armor values. The weapons on the other hand are a straight up improvement - you pretty much never need to use a weapon with lower attack value (the elemental attack usually doesn't make up for the difference).

    I recommend a NG+ in hard mode. You'll be able to put down your own portcrystals and teleport everywhere. :)
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