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    Graveland wrote:
    I started playing this last night and so far it has exceeded my expectations. I thought the demo was OK, but nothing special. I'm almost certain the graphics have been improved in the game over the demo.

    Just a quick question, if you would be so kind:
    Realistically speaking, how likely is my low-level pawn to be selected by other players at this point in the game's history? I would love for other players to use my creation (and boost the pawn's stats) but I don't want to get my hopes up if it's unlikely to happen. The pawns that I'm able to choose from when I first enter the portal(?) seem to be of a similar level to my Arisen. Are these pawns the most recently created, or are they random choices from the server?

    Oh, one final question. I'm playing on PS3. Is it possible to create more than one save file for the game and store them on a USB stick? After playing, save it to the USB stick and then delete it from the HD and upload whichever save file I choose when I decide to play the game again. I only ask because my missus will probably enjoy the game, but we're kinda limited by one save file that the game permits.

    I have played a few hours now and I think my pawn had been used by someone because when I last stayed at an inn it updated my game and I had been gifted a rock! I've been giving pawns much nicer stuff!

    This could have worked so well as a co-op game with each player having a pawn in tow. Still, loving it so far.

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