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    Don't know where you read that review but I'd discard what they said about not switching occupations till you've maxed them ;)

    Changing occupations is a great way to not only find a play style you like, but also add extra skills to your character. It's been a while since I've played, but there is a certain 'group' of skills that can 'cross over' to any occupation as they're not directly specific to those occupations.

    You still get 'dedicated' skills to use depending on which occupation you pick but they're boosted by the 'other' skills you can add. For example, my Mage pawn Orenda has a top level skill that could only be acquired by taking her right through the Sorcerer occupation - a skill that speeds up magic casting. Once I'd got that skill I immediately switched her back to being a Mage only now her healing and other support spells could be cast much faster!

    If you were going to be a Magic Archer you could probably even consider dipping into the Magic class occupations to boost your magic stats and/or a different ranged class to boost stats that will help with archery skills, before switching back to your chosen class to take advantage of the extra goodness!

    *Keep in mind though, that certain armour and weapons can only be used by specific occupations so make sure you don't leave yourself vulnerable if you switch to a class you have little equipment for!*

    Apologies if any of that sounds confusing, like I said I haven't played since last year! There's also the Dragon's Dogma Wiki aught you need anymore information ;) Also, if you come across a character called Rook - don't trust him....
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