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    Yep, vote "no" to keep things the way they are, because we like having zero power.

    If it wasn't for the LDs we wouldn't even be talking about reform, let alone having any kind of referendum on it.

    If one of the two main parties doesn't win we take a count with different data and iterate this process until either of the two main parties is a clear winner..

    It just convolutes the process, how is that more power?

    I'm not arguing it is a lot more power. However I do think it allows voters to vote for their first choice before tactics. Who knows what that may lead to? However, my real support for it stems from that in the end I believe it should be about getting 50% support from the public. That support may be die-hard, it may be weak - I'm sure there are those whose first choice vote is undertaken with far more zeal than my first vote - but it IS support. If you're not getting those next preferences and not making 50% then I don't think you should be taking control. And if you are in a world where most people seem to think politicians are arseholes, it is about who hate the least.

    I certainly don't call the process under FPTP "winning". It's about as flawed as you can get. You're only referring to it as winning because the current system defines it so.

    Tbh I'm in favour of a presidential system, (There's probably a better name for it), but it strikes me as being completely retarded to vote for more than one issue with one vote..

    The current system, in it's hypothetical extreme, we would have to vote in Hitler in order to get Ghandi as a PM if they were both members of the same party..

    And that wouldn't change with AV..

    Fucking retarded.
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