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    I'm a very fair minded person and respect other people's opinions when they differ from mine. However, I can't help but notice that everyone I know who is voting no is an idiot and just doesn't understand what's happening here. I hate myself for it, but this referendum has made me realise that most people in the UK are actually as thick as a barn door.

    I've been involved in politics for years, I am a member of a political party and know disappointment all too well. However, I've never been so disheartened by the British public as I am now. A resounding no vote is imminent, and in what is for many people the first time they have ever voted in a referendum, a chance to do something which will make things a little bit better, they will go out and vote to keep what is clearly an outdated system that disenfranchises them.

    I despair

    We can't all be super bright.

    Well no, but you don't need to be super bright to understand AV. That's the whole point.

    I never claimed that to be the case.. I'm just trying to argue that as a voting system it won't produce different results, not if you follow the logic, so what's the point in complicating a system to produce the same result.

    Warlockuk has said the same thing a number of times and not been challenged, yet all the 'yes' voters never challenge the argument, resorting to 'why are no voters so thick I despair'

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