#7655233, By Harmonica Rate the last TV series you watched (full seasons only)

  • Harmonica 9 Jul 2011 03:08:59 967 posts
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    Men of a Certain Age - Season 2.0: 8/10, 2.5: 9/10

    The current 'best thing on TV that nobody is watching'. This season was split into two halves with a ridiculous mid-season break of over 6 months, but could be considered two separate seasons as it was. Quality sometimes feel-good downbeat drama. Hopefully it will get renewed.

    Game of Thrones - Season 1: 8/10

    Suffered early on from very hammy/wooden acting and 'questionably' directed nude scenes and sexual content, saved only by a solid ensemble of child actors and 'The Imp' (Peter Dinklage, reason alone to watch the entire show). However, when it kicked on, it really kicked on, excelling in particular at scenes when characters were being cunty to each other, which luckily describes most of them. Crucially also had an absolutely fantastic season-end cliffhanger.

    9/10 if you fast-forward whenever the queen has dialogue.
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