#8779671, By Rate the last TV series you watched (full seasons only)

  • Deleted user 12 June 2012 13:44:02
    Mad Men - Season 5

    It's still pretty damn great, but it's tapering off ever so slightly. Perhaps that's inevitable, as it is for all TV shows. Or it might be to do with the advancing timeframe as the show moves through the 60s.

    Still, quite a few good episodes throughout. Don was a bit neutered, as the lines between Dick Whitman and Don Draper were blurred all season. I enjoyed the last episode, with his two identities coming to the fore again.

    Lots of symbolism throughout, the skis for Pete Campbell just before he meets Beth. The wallet for Lane in the first episode. The codfish for Sally. Quite heavy-handed at times, I thought. Lacking the subtlety of the earlier seasons somewhat.

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