#9063588, By Wacko_AK Rate the last TV series you watched (full seasons only)

  • Wacko_AK 8 Oct 2012 12:29:56 212 posts
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    24 - Season 1

    Meh - 6/10

    Finally got round to watching this as LovefFilm have them all on demand.
    Possibly because I watched them all in the space of about 10 days the impact was lessened but there were far too many annoying characters that I really did not care about - his wife was really annoying.

    I'm glad I've finally got around to watching it but I'll not be watching any of the other seasons.

    Breaking Bad - Season 2

    Superb! 9.5/10

    It just keeps getting better, really enjoying how Walt's character is evolving. Some massive LOL moments - In the RV after the mammoth cooking session, "a robot??" and "ahhh - wire".
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