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    Hmm. I think it's a tricky one: I struggled for it for a while having owned an old 360 for a while and I eventually bought one for a number of reasons.

    -It's not as rickety as my old 360: it's already broken down once and the disc tray is jamming occasionally. This means I can take the PS3 with me to uni without incident.

    -It's very quiet.

    -I really like the exclusives. My first console was a PS1 and while the other consoles of this gen have been very good I'm familiar with Sony consoles. I can get Ratchet and Clank, and try out the cheap/quirky titles like Flower and Noby Noby Boy. And there are new games like Valkyria Chronicles. It was also an opportunity to download some rare old games like Kula World

    -I'm not that fussed about multiplayer. I dip into it, really, and so I'm not fussed about spending money on it.

    Am I happy with it? Yes, absolutely. In the grand scheme of things, though, I really do think the PS3/360 debate is one of personal preference. If you've seen enough console exclusives to warrant the purchase, or prefer a strong multiplayer component, then let that dictate your choices. I mean, the console exclusives I like, i.e. Ratchet and Clank, might not be big selling points for someone else.
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