#7364145, By presh Problems renewing Flickr PRO - or "Yahoo billing is a steaming pile of sh*te"

  • presh 18 Apr 2011 15:01:20 1,221 posts
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    Just wondered if anyone else has had a problem with account renewals not working?

    I've been locked in an Orwellian nightmare of Flickr customer services for over 2 weeks now. Every time I confirm payment for renewing my account I get a totally unhelpful error message telling me there is a 'temporary error and if it persists to contact customer services'.

    So far, they have suggested I need to reset cookies, change browsers/computers, check bank details (a zillion times), speak to PayPal and god knows what else. What they can't explain is why their own Yahoo! Wallet doesn't work.

    I've given up trying to pay by card as it keeps triggering a fraud alert and I'm on my third new visa card in 2 weeks. When I tried PayPal I've had confirmation that the transaction from their side is fine, but Yahoo! claim they can't find it so therefore it's PayPal fault.

    I can't very well give up, as there are more than a thousand photos I can no longer access via my Flickr that I've spent years using.

    Any suggestions gratefully considered. Anyone else had anything like this happen?
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