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    superdelphinus wrote:
    Ok so handling is in a different league IMHO. I can see y people say it is easier - car feels much more attached to the track and gives you loads of feedback before it starts to go over the edge. Fantastic. Lot of pitch and roll as well which is a bit disconcerting at first! I think if you are generally good at driving games you will like this handling model. Not used to attacking the curbs yet either. Not even began to think about DRS/ kers yet! Just got the have you tried dirt 3 achievement down the 2nd straight at Melbourne!

    The wheel settings seem in reverse of last years? At least saturation anyway

    I think the new handling will benefit controller rather than wheel users more. I really enjoyed the twitchy feathering of throttle and steering out of corners in 2010. In 2011 however you can blast out of corners but have to feather the throttle round fast corners, get the line wrong and you're going to be SLOW. There seems to be less feedback for wheel users, at least on the dfgt, as opposed to the contoller. Already I find myself looking for visual clues rather than force feedback.

    It's certainly easier to handle but I suspect there will be a bigger gap between the decent drivers and the fast drivers.
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