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    Phattso wrote:
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    Hamilton just won a race without pitting, my biggest issue with the game still hasn't been fixed :(

    Isn't that a bit... well, unacceptable?

    Pretty much, unfortunately that's the way of the industry these days.

    Hmmm - seems fundamental to me. I think I'd have a full on rage-quit-disc-snapping if that happened. I don't mind losing a race if I've messed up, but losing because another driver in the simulation didn't have to pit? Fuck that noise.

    Glad I didn't bother with 2010 either now. Ho hum.


    They still havent fixed this? At least last year it was only Kovaleinen and Buemi who didnt seem to pit for me but now the top drivers also dont stop? Unbelievable.

    Can you at least turn off pitstops now? That was the one simple fix 2010 needed.
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