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    SomaticSense wrote:
    superdelphinus wrote:
    Perhaps this will be a watershed moment, or not. The problem is most people who buy games are casual gamers and probably don't understand, notice or care about the bugs

    I know plenty of casual gamers who absolutely do care about bugs. In fact they get more worked up over them because they understand even less the complications involved in game development.

    If you meant 'casual' as in not geeks like us (let's say, for want of a better categorisation, those who mostly just play CoD and FIFA, and not those whose game experience is mostly limited to Bejewelled and Angry Birds), which I'm sure you did, then like I said in the first paragraph they very much notice and care, and pretty vehemently so. It's just that they aren't usually the types who frequent forums and as such don't really have the gaming platform to vent about it.

    Future sales to casual gamers for a franchise are definitely going to be at risk if a game ships with a vast quantity of bugs. Remember, while they might not care about a game's lack of quality (NFS: Underground anyone?), bugs are a different thing entirely.

    Totally agree. Maybe we should email this thread to the site admin. Id really like to hear Eurogamers opinion on it.
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