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    Devs not doing changelogs is a pretty fundamental problem these days.

    I was thinking of finally ordering this for the weekend but after reading all you guys' comments here and other reviews and forums, I'm completely on the fence. I guess the best thing to do is wait and see if the next patch fixes any problems, and whether they announce a third patch after that. I thought that overall the tweaks from F1 2010 would have made it a pretty decent purchase at around 30 but not so sure now. Especially as I just read that the career mode only runs to 5 years - is that true? Myself and a friend did one in F1 2010 that ran for something like 13 seasons (well it was 7+7 but even 7 is more than 5!).

    I was a pretty staunch supporter of Codies efforts last year, but seems like they've phoned it in. I'd play it on 360 so the graphics wouldn't bother me, it's more the lack of advances in the live the life (out of a trailer!) mode, dodgy AI, on/off parc ferme, incorrect DRS zones (?) and still fundamental lack of things you might take for granted in an F1 game some of which we've had before (ie formations laps, podium, better car set up, talking to engineers during a race, etc).


    edit: I had a thought about what you've said about wet races and the AI being faster, could it be that they've predicted that they'll need a wet setup for the race day so that's why they're able to stick to the track better? I think that's likely, it was like that even in F1 2010.

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