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    In the words of Fernando Alonso: I give up! I give up!

    Racing the AI is just pointless as they don't model the same grip conditions for the AI as the player. It seems that all the AI does is drive prescribed laps to a given arbitrary pace irrespective of prevailing track conditions.

    Just given it another go post patch and had a dry to wet race at the Nurburgring. In the first half of the race I was doing ok in my Williams in 13th place lapping mid 1:34s with Barrichello about 0.5s a lap slower on the same tyre. All well and good. It starts to lightly rain at which point my laptimes deteriorate by about 1s per lap as grip is lost. I have to start short shifting and blending off the throttle in fast corners as you would expect (all fine so far). It is then that I notice Rubens who was at one point about 6s behind me in my mirrors. After looking at the race director it turns out that whilst I've been sweating away battling manfully to maintain pace and stay on the track, he was just merrily lapping faster and faster!

    He caught and passed me and I was able to follow him for a few corners before he disappeared and it was obvious he was just driving as if it were dry. Hammering the curves and getting on the power way before me on same tyres. By the end he was 5s a lap faster (as was everyone else) and I finished last and now have the press on my back.

    What a joke!

    I'm amazed I don't read more about people having issues like this. I use a G25 on the PS3 and race with all aids off except pit assistance and four flashbacks. I have the AI on legend and just want vague consistency track to track, wet to dry in relation to my teammate in the same car. Maybe the AI is designed to be comparable for a pad user with traction control on? Either way every time I come back to this game hoping to get immersed something ridiculous happens that makes me want to snap it in half.

    Give the license back to ISI! I now have no faith codemasters will ever be able to fix such fundamental issues. They'll just add a few cutscenes, change the car liveries and bung it back on the market next year. I want my 80 back.

    /rant over
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