#7370733, By StaticKing Anyone work nights?

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    I've worked a shift pattern for 10yrs now, and as part of that we do a week of nights (10 - 8) in every 10 weeks. I quite enjoy the work part of it, like others have said, you get the jobs done a lot quicker without interference, and we get a bit of variety in the types of jobs we deal with.

    When I was younger (and most importantly a bachelor) I used to have real trouble with going to sleep on nights. I'd get home, have a beer or 4, watch films, play guitar, anything really to avoid going to bed. I just felt I was missing out on all the fun stuff everyone else was doing, when in reality they were sat at a desk somewhere.
    Nowadays, I have a family with two young kids, so I welcome any opportunity for a nap.
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