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    Metalfish wrote:
    Won't be able to move for players playing him though.
    :| Hopefully they'll migrate to Axton (the Commando) although I hope his action skill isn't dependant on using that sword. Borderlands + Melee = Not good.

    I'm hoping he's a Mordecai 2.0 kinda like how the Gunzerker is Brick 2.0. PLEASE have some good revolvers! :D

    Also it's the DLC (mainly Knoxx) that turns BL1 from an ok game with brilliant (if not well executed) ideas to a fracking awesome game. Seriously, if you just get one DLC for BL, it's gotta be the Armoury of Knoxx. If they've taken and added everything they've learn't from the DLC into BL2, it can't NOT be awesome.
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