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  • dagoberto 4 Oct 2012 17:22:12 323 posts
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    Just got 3 of the special borderlands signs on the slot machine, and i got an orange machine gun worth 3k, it fires bullets that bounce off the walls and has a fancy scope on it, all my other guns are not worth over 400 notes lol.
    Friend was pissed as i went after he had just pumped all his cash in and got a load of junk.
    I did spend every single dolla(8k) on them mind and everything else has been shit except a decent green rocket launcher.

    I cant believe how much physx rapes the framerate when any action kicks in,on that level with the whirl pool and it turned to a slide show with all the water effects going on.
    If you turn it off you lose way too many effects.

    Regret getting an amd card now, wish i had gone for nvidia.
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