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    mcmothercruncher wrote:
    What's the deal with Golden Keys now? Is there any sort of schedule to their release?
    I thought maybe they'd switched to releasing a few batches at the weekend now, but none so far I don't think.
    There was only a surge when the game came out simply because it was new.

    I imagine they might do one or two mass give aways again next week when the DLC comes out, but other than that they aren't going to be giving out keys on a regular basis as they were only intended to be a pre-order bonus and something that will be given out to Gearbox forum members as part of contests and so on.

    A bit shitty I know, but I can see why they wouldn't want to be giving out keys all over the place, they want people to get their Purple (and better) quality loot from end game farming.
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