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    robthehermit wrote:
    Flying_Pig wrote:
    Got a great sniper that shoots in bursts when zoomed.

    Awesome :)
    I love me a good sniper rifle, but just can't get on with burst fire snipers.
    Same. The problem with the burst fire snipers is the recoil is awful. So instead of three crits, you get one and the other two are essentially wasted shots.

    I despise not landing headshot crits with every single sniper shot. The only exception was this burst fire corrosive sniper which worked wonders in the wildlife preservation quest. Those loaders fell like paper.

    I still despise the Super Badass Pyre Threshers. They just do not die and instagib me. I'm desperately trying to find a shield that grants immunity to burn damage to see if that stops his explosion when he pops up out of the ground but cant find any atm.

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