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    Ok Mr Pitchford. Fine, You win. I've beaten what are considered some of the hardest games of the last few console generations (Alien Soldier, Demon's/Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden Black, DMC3, etc), but TVHM has me well and truly beaten.

    I just can't get to Bunker on the Where Angels Fear to Tread mission. What the game is throwing at my level 50 Zer0 is all way too much.

    I went from over 600,000 credits to just over 200,000 in the space of just 15 minutes just from the Super Badass Loader and then the boggo Constructor at the top of the first hill after Clappy lowers the laser door. And then after I fluke my way through that after what feels like a million of the cheapest rocket spam deaths ever (all too often I never even got a chance to look at the Constructor before I was dead on my way up to him. Again), the game throws a Badass Consructor at me which seems to be spawning Super Badass loaders.

    The only weapon I have which seems to do anything at all is a Shock Plasma Caster which I found in a chest earlier in Thousand Cuts, with none of my corrosive weapons cutting the mustard at all anymore, even on the simple Gun Loaders. So my best weapon against all these armoured opponents is not a corrosive weapon (yeah, not great...). I was already dreading the encounter with Bunker as I knew it was going to be a horrible experience after the first playthrough, with the game only getting harder in the run through to the final boss. So I think that's my 'wall'. If I can't do this, there's no way I'll do the rest.

    I love a game where it requires skill and patience to navigate it's extreme challenges, not one where you have to succeed by doing what can only be described as smacking your head repeatedly against a wall until you eventually make it through. D-Day level design in other words. TVH mode, in single player at least, is definitely the latter.

    So enough of this bullshit. The Siren's Cataclysm skill tree has been intriguing me for a while, so I think I'll try that and get back to enjoying what was during my Normal Mode playthrough probably my favourite FPS ever, and try and move onto the DLC asap.

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