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    @elephantjuice Oh. Strange that I might have missed them entirely.
    Have I been spectacularly unlucky on that front or am I missing something in the inventory descriptions ? Are they identified as E-tech weapons at all ? I can't remember from that one quest.
    To clarify: there is no inventory description although there is some kind of system of names (they have names like "Plasma" something-or-other), but

    1. The color is a darker purple
    2. The barrels tend to look different (might have three "flaps" around the barrel that flare out when you fire for example)

    I think I've found about as many E-tech as oranges, which is to say about 15. At least two from the Golden key chest. Last one was a rocket launcher, something-"Topneaa" (weird name), that apparently creates a black hole effect of some kind. Haven't tested yet because it's only level 34.
    Similar rates of drop for e-tech weapons here too. It wasn't till my Commando (3rd character) who finally got a rather spiffy e-tech flame smg which is deathly accurate. Actually wait, let me grab a screenshot.

    Purple haze

    For a lvl13 character, its an incredibly powerful gun. And the unending bandits and monsters at this part of the game means the flame element is perfect. Its probably the best low level gun i've found outside of the snipers I had at similar levels for my Siren.

    Another good identifier for e-tech guns is to see what bullets they fire. If its plasma/laser type of fire, its e-tech. So if you're unsure, shoot. Which is Borderlands 2 really; when in doubt, shoot! :D

    Btw, Axton's "Gunpowder" skill tree. Wow. Its pushing all my gunlust buttons.

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