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    Fixxxer wrote:
    Urgh, I hate those explosive assault rifles. Finding an assault rifle with a decent fire rate is one the hardest challenges in the game.
    Good against Threshers and Crystalid legs though.

    Lutz wrote:

    SMGs seem to better in the sequel too.
    I thought the SMGs were the best guns in the first by quite some way.

    edited to add: How you like me now? Just completed my 1st playthrough. Level 33 Axton, Jack went down like a Bangkok whore. Some tight moments from The Warrior, but not to the point of having to 2nd wind. Super Badass Loader gave me more gyp.
    The picture of Mord with his new
    hatchling to replace Bloodwing warmed the cockles. :cry: *somethinginmyeye

    Now, carry on with my Mechromancer, or start a Gunzerker, hmm?

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