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    Nobody does better crowd control than a Siren. Nobody. Salvador isn't bad at it and neither is Axton but Maya skilled right (Cataclysm skill tree + Convergence) with singularity grenades wipes out crowds regardless of size.
    How are you spreading out your points between cat and motion? Convergence is fairly far down the tree in motion.
    Crowd Control - keep in mind that this particular spread I use with singularity grenades. If you want to go without them, then put even more points into Motion tree and less in Cataclysm. So a standard combo would be phaselock, when all sucked in, chuck in a singularity grenade and they stay there. Mop up with weapon of choice. I prefer shotties/assaults.

    This combo does all four elemental effects and I have a homing slag singularity grenade that does near 70k dmg. So as you can imagine, I destroy pretty much everything.

    Boss Slaying

    Obviously depending on class mod those points vary but those are the two primary builds I use.

    On the rare occasion I have to go healing/support then I go all out in the Harmony tree.

    And I love the explosive guns too. Slow as hell yes but for raw power nothing comes close. Destroys shields, ruins shield wielding super badass Nomads and in general combines all the good things of all the other elements into one thing.

    Works on machines? Check.
    Aoe? Check.
    Ruins shields? Check.

    I don't like them on my Siren but on Salvador and Axton who have skill trees dedicated to raw gun damage and fire, they're very complimentary.

    Also agreed on finding excellent assault rifles. I have a Jakobs 9K x3 that I use primarily right now with my Siren. Its my main Terramorphous killer; aside from that (God bles Jakobs and their uber damage guns) i've had nothing but shit in assaults.

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