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    Mola_Ram wrote:
    ecureuil wrote:
    I killed Dr Mercy over 500 times, nothing. Killed Madame Von Bartlesby over 250 times, nothing. Killed Boom Bewm over 100 times, nothing.
    For contrast, I killed Madame Von Bartlesby 3 times and got her orange (it was underleveled though, unfortunately). Boom Bewm also dropped one after 3 tries, on my first playthrough. Got the Bee after 10 tries or so, and some corrosive pistol with a huge ammo clip from the cannibal lady after one try. The Warrior dropped one, as did the Knuckledragger (whatever his name is; haven't played this in a couple of weeks) at the beginning of TVHM.

    The only oranges I've grinded significantly for were Midge-Mong's orange, and the one you can get from the assassins in the steamworks. From what I can remember, both took less than 20 tries, and both were totally worth it.

    Maybe I'm just spectacularly lucky, but I haven't had anywhere near the problems you've been having.
    My experience sound similar to yours, so surely we can't be that exceptional. I've completed PT1 with Axton, I'm at lvl 20 with my Gaige and lvl 12 with Zer0. And so far I've had 7 Orange drops, 3 snipers an SMG, a Maggie, a shield and a grenade mod.

    The colour doesn't matter that much to me, function over rarity. You can still get some pretty bonkers Purples and Blues. By insisting on farming for the rarest loot, I think people are ruining the game for themselves. But each to their own.
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