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    ecureuil wrote:
    It's not about collecting everything, nor do people want oranges to drop like confetti. It's an issue with the fundamental mechanics of the loot system which I've explained a bunch of times. It's a problem that reduces the available loot pool, reduces the interesting variables on every weapon class, changes the weapon tiers and encourages repetitive grinding to create an undeniably unrewarding loot system for post-50 gameplay.

    It's not about "obsessives" either (what does that even mean?), and the people defending this most ridiculous of loot systems are continually trying to paint "complainers" as having OCD and wanting easy items to complete their collections. It misses the point spectacularly. How about giving a properly explained reason as to why this is a good system, aside from claiming you think it's fine cause you found a few orange weapons once.
    Like grenades, or are they not weapons?

    If you don't know what people mean when they say "Obsessives.", how can you state it's not about that. And knowing the minutea of various gun parts in a video game really, really is obsessive behaviour.

    If you've been through PT1 & 2, you've really had a damn sight more play for your money than most AAA titles these days. Gearbox really don't owe you anything.
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