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    ecureuil wrote:
    It's worth starting over. Zero is the worst character imo.

    It entirely depends on each characters skill tree. Zero's melee tree is far better than some of the other characters lesser trees for example.

    Clearing the Bloodshed tree and putting points into some of the stealth focused middle tree abilities that can stack with your current ones (the ability for dealing extra damage to unaware enemies stacks with the one which deals more melee damage when attacking an enemy from behind, for example) meant I could one shot melee most Badass level enemies when using my ability, while stealing health, while recharging the cooldown, and while invisible.

    Think about where you spread your spare points after clearing Bloodshed and Zero can wipe out an entire swarm of enemies in seconds. Neither my Mechro (lvl 25), Commando (34), or Siren (36) can come close to the devastation a Bloodshed focused Zero can cause.

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