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    Metalfish wrote:
    Zero suffers from crippling overspecialisation in two of his trees, but he can deliver stupid damage and/or wipe out hordes of enemies without taking a scratch. He'll never be the all rounder Axton is, but people who've written him off should see what deception + death mark slag kunais will do....
    Exactly this. I thought it was already established even throught the pre-release PR phase that Zero was the the 'skill' class. Obviously not enough.

    Zero is all about focusing on particular skills while fobbing off the others, that's his point. He's a better sniper by a million miles than anyone else when going down the sniping tree, and about 10x more devastating than anyone else when focusing on the melee tree. That's entirely the point, that you can only focus on one skill at a time and become ridiculously powerful at that one skill.

    In the hands of a gamer whose naturally good anyway at each particular skill without the buffs (those elite Battlefield snipers for example...), each tree makes him way, way, way more dangerous than any other character on the roster. Zero is the 'character' equivalent of the ideal behind TVHM. You get more reward, but you have to work much harder at it. That's exactly why Gearbox designed him the way they did.

    That you aren't getting on with him or think he's the worst character suggests that either you aren't using him properly, are not good enough at the particular skill you have chosen to focus on, or maybe have been too spoilt by letting the Commando's turrets do all the work ;)
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