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    ecureuil wrote:
    Yeah that's the one I use. I find the game way too hard with the other two trees. The kunai are excellent, one of my favourite skills of any character.
    My Bloodshed tactics:

    See massive enemy, use Deception, go around the back of him, melee, enemy dead, see another enemy, go behind him, rinse repeat. If there are no enemies around to recharge the ability, then go into cover and try again. Remember, with a decent Amp shield you can also deal crazy damage by shooting while using Deception, then retreat into cover again.

    Against bosses like Bunk3r, the game becomes massively hard admittedly, which is one reason I struggled so much in TVHM. But for me large parts of the game were miles easier with Zero than with Gaige or Maya. Axton you can just drop the turret and be done with it. If that's more fun for you, then fine, but I find it hard to understand.

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