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    Kujata wrote:
    Anyone thinking of taking advantage of the last day of Gear Up to kill Vermivorous the

    Managed to kill him three times last night in an hour and a half, and he dropped Norfleet each time. The key seemed to be having three players (we tried for an hour with just two, and got nowhere) and making sure you keep other Varkid around till he pods-up for his final form.

    We also found the best way to get the Varkid to pod-up is to just leave them alone... Run in to an area with a bunch of them in, then just start running about. They seem to evolve up to Super Badass this way, then you have to take them down to 1/8 health to get them to Ultimate Badass, then Vermivorous himself.

    We were hunting him in Thundra Express, seemed like the easiest place. Apart from the occasional Buzzard attacks... It's actually a lot of fun. Hope they do more boss events like this.
    Me and jambizzle managed to get 2 to spawn at once last night. Was mucho fun and painful.
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