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    @Vortex808 - Didn't want to sound patronising! I did the same thing first time :S You have to shoot-up a random bad guy to kick the fight off, then Super Badasses spawn ever 20 seconds or so from five different doors (two on the top level, three on the bottom). Once you get used to where to look for them spawning from, it can get pretty quick. I often end up with 40s+ spare.

    It's worth noting that as well as the 20 tokens you get for the quest reward, the Super Badasses themselves can drop tokens. The more players you have in your party when attempting the brawl, the more SBAs it will spawn, and the more tokens you'll get. It's also worth noting that Rats can steal tokens from fallen SBAs, so it can be worth killing all of them before you reset the mission.
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