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    Had excellent four player game for couple of hours. Had some crazy player give me a level 50 sniper rifle worth 280,000!! Something like 18,000 damage and all sorts of other crazy stuff. If only I could actually use it.

    Also love my siren, my phaselock now pulls and stuns enemies, gives 75% health back to team members and instantly revives. I can also shoot you in the face and it heals you.
    Wait till you get to the 24k dmg sniper rifles. I'm a commited Jakobs man now. Can't use any others. The raw damage on dem things.
    I find they get less useful as the game progresses. The raw damage is great, but the DPS really suffers, you're better off using an SMG or a burst fire sniper rifle, as you'll get the job done 10x faster. Unless you're amazingly good at stacking criticals with Zero, then Jacobs rifles don't hold up as well at high levels. I do like to use the Buffalo rifle though, I've had up to 35k damage on it.
    Wait what...35k dmg output? What character? Headshots with Jakobs gives you monstro crits. I don't think I've ever crit for less than 50k with Maya holding a Jakob on most monsters. I get six figure crits on humanoid targets.

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