#7389146, By KingOfTheC Are Game done for?

  • KingOfTheC 26 Apr 2011 11:28:13 289 posts
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    I used to like Game / EB years ago because, even though it was a bit more expensive, you had ten days to take a game back if it was absolutely dire / if it took 2 hours to complete.

    They got rid of this policy years ago, but somehow maintained the high prices. They got rid of their one advantage over any other shop, and now they're dire.

    I was also massively put off them on the Wii launch day, they were telling people that they would not be able to save games without buying an SD card ("Zelda is a 30 hour long game, you won't be able to save that on a 512mb hard drive" - errr, I think you will) which, coincidentally enough, had GAME branding on it and cost about 20 I think. They were purposefully misinforming their customers so that they could make a quick couple of quid out of them - horrible customer service.

    I hope they go under.
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