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    grey_matters wrote:
    Dougs wrote:
    Just seen the tackle in context, awful decision. No malice in that at all.
    The rules don't say anything about malice though. If player 1 is picked up and turned by player 2, player 1's safety is in the hands of player 2 and dropping him isn't good enough. Very hard on Warburton as his immense strength got him into that position and his brain did the 'right' thing in letting him go once things were turning dangerous but it just wasn't 'right' enough. Rolland (who has been a bit of a tool sometimes) could've issued just a yellow in recognition of that but they are being told to police that area very firmly and that is what he did. Bad news for Wales and the tournament in general but there have been worse calls made.

    Exactly, somehow this BS about there being 'no malice' in the tackle seems to have become viral and automatically everyone is assuming that it has to have malice to be awarded a red card. Something I can only assume that has been perpetuated by the match commentators (I assume that was Michael Owen commentating on the match - worst. commentator. ever. he's full of so much shit)

    See the link from Swede up the page, then review the tackle again, then tell me that wasn't a red card.
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