#8084789, By BigDaddy82 Need For Speed: The Run

  • BigDaddy82 18 Oct 2011 17:15:05 72 posts
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    I loved Hot Pursuit so was hoping this would be good, it seems...ok. The graphics aren't as mind blowing as i assumed they would be, there's a lot of pop up in the distance and it all seems a bit fuzzy. There's a general lack of polish across the game in general (the resets before you've even gone off road are an example).

    Track design wise, the avalanche level is a cool concept however the fact that random crap gets dropped into the road in front of you means a lot of trial and error to get the right line through the course. Also there's a lack of signposting of key corners, sometimes it just throws a random hairpin at you (the one in the tunnel!?!) with no warning and you end up riding up along the walls. The desert track is ok, the massive jump at the end was a bit odd. Also the handling doesn't seem as accessible/fun as HP.

    Will probably wait for reviews/price drops
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