#7403971, By SlightlyMagic Hackers claim to have credit card details

  • SlightlyMagic 29 Apr 2011 16:38:11 52 posts
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    I can't see this being true. Any half sensible criminal hacking group is not going to sell details and openly state they are from the PSN hack. They are just going to sell the details no questions asked. If it is the real details, then it points to the hackers themselves being amateur retards who have no conception of what would happen if (when?) they get caught. Also if Sony were found to have been lying to the public, credit card firms, and data protection agencies in their statement, they will be totally and utterly fucked to the point where it's inconceivable they would do it.

    More likely this is from a idiot who has got an old list from somewhere else, if it even exists.
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