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    @redcrayon They are great games and I love the classic series. I was lucky enough to grow up playing Megaman 2 after reading a review on it in Mean Machines.

    I love that game, and have managed to collect the original UK NES carts of Megaman 1 to 4 and imported 5 and 6 from the US over the years. Never get much chance to setup my NES though so it's good to play them on a portable.

    I can blast through MM2 but having not really put much time into the rest I struggle with the others.

    I also found the slowdown that crept in from 3 onwards a bit annoying as MM2 ran like silk.

    Did you get MM9 and 10 on XBL/PSN or WiiWare? I actually gave up on 9 after only beating two stages. I'll have to go back to that as well.

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