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    Venatio wrote:
    Haven't tried remixed controls yet. First run through I used entirely original settings, second I just used the revamped graphics.

    What are the essential differences with the remixed controls?

    There's lots of small tweaks, but essentially they have split the attacks into soft, med and hard (rather than just soft/hard) - I think this means you can be more creative with combos rather than just using the predefined ones.

    Also the magic has command inputs, so you don't have to stand stationry chooseing spells in the thought bubble (although you can still do this). They've also added a button for backsteping/dodging and there are new counter attack moves (I think so anyway, as not managed to pull one off yet :) )

    It seems to make the playstyle more imediate but is a bit more complex than the original controls. Also I prefer the original controls for stepping into/out of the planes. I find the trigger buttons more awkward to press than 'down + a' or 'a' alone....
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